Ways to tie our scarves



How to care for our scarves

All L Fabrika knitwear can be hand-washed in cold water using gentle detergent and air dried by laying on a flat surface. Never wring or twist wet fabric. Instead, place your scarf on a cotton towel and roll up to absorb most of the water.

Rayon scarves may be washed on the delicate, low-spin cycle or hand-washed in cold water. Gently reshape and allow to air dry flat. Iron on low (silk setting) to remove wrinkles and help reshape any curling edges. Steam can also be used.

Merino wool/silk can be soaked in cold soapy water for 10 minutes then rinsed thoroughly and rolled up in a cotton towel to remove excess water. It may also be dry-cleaned.

Cotton, linen and bamboo may be washed in cold in the delicate cycle or hand-washed. It may also be dry-cleaned.