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Lioubov Ermolova comes from St. Petersburg, Russia where she began knitting at the age of five. Lioubov learned the art of traditional lace knitting and developed a deep appreciation for craftsmanship as she watched her grandmother hand-spin her own yarn from goat fiber. For although Lioubov became an environmental engineer, knitting remained an important part of her life. 

Lioubov moved to upstate New York and started L Fabrika studio in 2010, sharing her passion for texture, fiber and design with clients from across the country. As an artist, Lioubov continues to draw upon the centuries-old Russian knitting tradition, adding a contemporary sensibility to her collections.

Lioubov specializes in knitted lace work and combines silk with other natural fibers including fine cottons, cashmere, wools and linen to create light and elegant scarves and shawls. Her signature collection of both light and heavier fibers is versatile and can easily be worn with casual or formal attire in any season.

Lioubov’s work can be found in shops and galleries in Massachusetts, New York and at the craft shows throughout the country.