Scarves made for friends and family

Perfect for any setting and any weather.

These scarves made from natural fiber – rayon. It's very gentle on the skin and feels good in any season, keeping you cool in the heat and a nice layer of warmth in the winter.

Linen is forever

Linen lace scarves speak to our legacy – art of lace and hand craft passed down to us by generations of women in our family. These scarves are light and bright, and sure to make you and your loved ones happy.

Oversized cashmere wraps – luxurious and elegant.

These are the most elegant wraps we offer this winter. Fit for both men and women.

Wrap yourself in silk and merino wool this winter.

These merino wool and silk wraps come in three sizes, from standard to oversized, and in an incredible range of colors. Fit for both men and women.